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Day By Day by Chris Muir.


The Minority-Majority Party

Why can't conservatives find their own voice? Why must their image and positions be based upon reflexive jockeying based off their initiating opposition? I will not dredge through the mind-numbing numbers or statistics I believe to illustrate that this nation is conservative, but I will say that the Democrats have lost ground in every election since the year 2000. Yet, enduring through all of this is a presumption that conservatives are still a minority party, and must follow that positioning, lest they step out of line with status quo ante.

If we conservatives stay on this course, then we as conservatives will receive our own desires. ("Ye shall reap what you...ask for?") We will become a minority party, praying that the Democratic majority shows the very same 'restraint' and cowardice that we now show. Two points have arisen lately that have undeniably highlighted this troubling mentality.
  1. Senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa.)- Personally, I think this gentleman deserves a great deal of respect and should be lauded for his dedication to conservative principles and values. Senator Santorum is being discussed as a viable candidate for the Republican ticket in '08. Where I grow weary is an article, and though this may be one example that I am rushing to judgment on, nonetheless, I find it should be of concern. In 'Santorum Criticizes Views of Sen. Clinton', the article discusses Sen. Santorum's views, which are great in that they are diametrically opposite to Sen. Clinton. However, do you see how Sen. Clinton set the tone for discussion? Her original ideas are what promulgated the discussion. Though this may not be the case at all, a critical eye ascertains that Sen. Santorum has a lack of vision and must reflexively and reactively play by the ground rules laid by the opposition. Conservatives deserve leaders that will set an agenda to be followed, not react to an agenda that is already established.
  2. Alberto Gonzalez - All I should need to say is that Mr. Gonzalez is being lauded by the media right now. This should be all of the indicia needed by any person who, in good-faith, understands the modern state of politics. Though, I, again see similarities in a lack of vision on the part of our Commander-in-Chief. President Bush has made it fairly well-known that he wishes to be the first President to nominate a Hispanic to the bench. That would be great if this coincided with what President Bush has promised to his followers in both elections regarding 'orginalists.' Gonzalez, in no way, resembles or attempts to be an 'originalists.' His track record speaks for itself. Again, Bush, for the sake of patronizing minorities, is floating this idea as a way to garner votes in the Hispanic community.

Why is that Republicans and Conservatives feel the need to pander and patronize? Have vision, and lead....Americans have always craved, and unconditionally followed great leaders who clearly outline their vision of what the this Shining City on a Hill should be. If this fundamental caveat is not heeded, Conservatives will be granted their wish. They will be patronized indeed. We should not attempt to emulate our opposition. The opposition should emulate us.

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