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Day By Day by Chris Muir.


Am I Alone?

Let me preface this post by saying fervently: I do not condone the methodology and logic through which Pat Robertson made his statements earlier this week. I do not condone activities that would have our renowned leaders of significant segments in America's mainstream to verbally, and in an utterly outright fashion call for an assassination of other nations' leaders. This is a dangerous proposition and it is one step down a slippery slope. Our clandestine services are best left for our entertainment in movies and for our elected leaders when this country faces dire times and desperate hours.

With such stated, it remains somewhat ironic that your humble pundit honestly understands why such backlash is occurring all the while remaining intrigued as to how far and how much this man is being persecuted. Let us take an intellectually honest walk to evaluate this phenomenon. Of course, those on the left side of the aisle immediately scorned Robertson and when such venom reached a crescendo, those on the right side of the aisle took heed to put a substantive distance between his statements and themselves. Though, it is promulgated here that this 'issue' should be seen from a different angle and a fundamentally different perspective. Hence, yours truly believes this 'issue' should be correlated in some form or fashion to what is going on in the UK as we speak. This, of course, referencing what the OliveOylo blog has done a thorough job of documenting; the UK's novel policy for deporting terrorists who speak out against the their struggle against terror. Elsewhere, it has been seen that this is generating a great deal of consternation from those on the left side of the aisle and their respective allies, who denounce such 'evil-intentioned' methods of handling terrorists on one's home soil.

I honestly understand why Robertson is drawing fire for I am not naive. He is a leader of a large, viable group of Americans who generate a great deal of respect in every election cycle. This is why his rhetoric was careless and borderlines danger. Make no mistake, he deserves the backlash that he has been receiving purely for the fact that this 'issue' should be outside of his forum. It is outside the fora of our Christian, moral leaders to be so engaged in rattling swords against foreign despots. Not only is is careless, it does nothing more than diminish what little legitimacy that he himself and his group have in the 'mainstream.' I urge Pat Robertson to refrain from such in the future.

However, what is somewhat troubling to yours truly on this issue and the surrounding backlash is the double-standard imposed upon Robertson. I do not think there were any major conservative pundits or any of our Republican leaders that came out to show their support and adoration for Robertson in these statements. No one has in any way come close to showing an inkling of support for such rhetoric. This contrasts other elements found in our discourse for it should be abundantly clear that amongst those on the right side of the aisle, a great distance was separated from Robertson and he was inevitably chastised in synonymous ways by the supporters of the right side of the aisle; not only in the blogoshpere but elsewhere. In other words, conservatives did not embrace his rhetoric, nor did they stand behind him from a distance thereby endorsing in any way his careless rhetoric. It was clearly ascertained that conservatives did not condone such rhetoric.

The correlation should now come full-circle for those that will indulge in this intellectually honest walk....how is that we are supposed to accept and not come close to reject the venom and rhetoric of certain Muslim leaders? We cannot hold them accountable to standing behind their statements and also endorsing fellow statements made by their clerics by not fervently denouncing them for not admonishing these barbaric extremists. What is going in the UK now is nothing short of hypocrisy. The Islamic leaders have been literally preaching against our Western civilization for years and the UK has steadfastly ignored such vitriolic venom, but at the first signs of this rhetoric being espoused through actions of terror, the UK is finally aroused to demand they stop or leave. What ensues is nothing short of pure lunacy when the Muslim community denounces such tactics engaged to protect innocent civilians.

Furthermore, what would happen here in the United States? What if we engaged in some of this same tactics employed by the UK? As reported by 'Another Man's Meat,' a flyer being passed around the ditches of Crawford Texas clearly illustrates groups showing 'aid and comfort' to our enemies in Iraq. Why are the pundits not lining up to demand cessation of synonomous rhetoric from their colleagues. In the least, their bashing and transparent rhetoric is, at best, disingenuous. From the blogoshpere to the 'mainstream' this is carefully ignored.

The accompanying political cartoon is meant to be comical, but it also clearly illustrates that we on the conservative/libertarian side of the aisle do not take such rhetoric seriously when our leaders are careless enough to make them. Why then does the Cindy Sheehan orgy get a free pass when such rhetoric is continuously uttered? What makes them different? Endorsement of this rhetoric and any of the rhetoric being seen to fruition would destroy any and all progress made in the War on Terror.

This double standard that most of those on the left endorse is nothing short of a mockery of our privileges bestowed within our First Amendment and it is hypocrisy in every conceivable definition of the word. How far down this road must we travel before their eyes will be opened?

UPDATE: Does this not illustrate what this is about? Is it really about the death of her son anymore? Are her intentions pure? Alas, this may not be for you or I to decide lest we come across judgemental. However, it does not make it any easier as a human being when you see things such as this and this.

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