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Day By Day by Chris Muir.


The Former Cindy Sheehan

The metamorphosis that has become the Cindy Sheehan phenomenon began with her being a rational, sorrowful mother being the quintessential example of what a dissenting American should, and, for that matter, has always been. Her unfortunate disposition could have been illustrative of the ideal means through which Americans should treat their fellow Americans when they disagree with their ideas and beliefs. She fundamentally disagreed with the war and with President Bush's decision to invade Iraq, but she stood with the President even after the unfortunate death of her son. However, something within the woman fundamentally changed. This evolution was nothing short of dynamic and it is now escalating into the realm of theatrics. She now must rely on her new statements to supersede her previously uttered sadistic statements to retain the attention she currently enjoys. Her statements must be exceedingly outrageous and her acts more damning in order for her to sustain the current audience she retains.

At first these rants were offensive and taken personally by supporters of this country and the troops that defend it. She unabashedly insulted our country and way of life even going as far as to embolden the actions of those we are fighting in Iraq. Ms. Sheehan began her short trek towards irrelevancy as she began lobbing barbs and accusations that a Jewish cabal was running this gambit; and in some form or fashion we have all been bamboozled into falling for this charade. With the arrival of Reverend Sharpton, her newest statements ensure that she has lost sight of a message that had the potential to resonate with Americans who mourned with a mother of a fallen hero. Somehow, this message of grief and misunderstanding has become poisoned by those who have their own selfish desires, and in their own minds the ends will justify these means. Alas, Ms. Sheehan has slipped past this outpouring of sympathy and scorned even those that would have given her an ounce of credence from which to build a story. These newest statements emanating from the ditches of Crawford, TX are nothing short of asinine; frankly, these statements do indeed invoke pity from your humble pundit for Ms. Sheehan cannot possibly be of sound mind by any stretch of anyone's imagination. Whether it be from grief or blind rage, it matters not because anyone that is now invoking some form of channeling to insult our Commander-in-chief does not deserve serious consideration for comment. Ms. Sheehan claims that her son is calling President Bush an 'idiot' and that the angels of Heaven are against this war....

Nevertheless, according to the mainstream press and those on the left, we are not supposed to question this woman's motives, nor are we supposed to demand a rational statement from her since she is a distraught, mourning mother who has nothing but the purest of intentions amidst the unbearable grief of losing her own flesh and blood. But, dare I say, what of the mother's who have lost sons and daughters to this war and remain steadfast behind our President? What of them? Are we not mandated to hear their plea as well? There should be absolutely no inclination of a double-standard amid such an important discourse, yet the unfortunate conclusion to be had is that this double-standard does indeed exist within our own mainstream media outlets and from those fervently on the left.

Their is no cohesive and manageable message emanating from the left and Ms. Sheehan's actions demonstrate this concept flawlessly. As seen throughout the blogoshphere, she is soon to begin her 'long, perilous journey' to Washington, D.C. to continue the protest of this war. As RightOn! has noted among many other bloggers, she will soon engage in actions “to protest the false god idolatry of the Blue Angels Air Show, whose “ooh-&-aah” performances have one purpose: to promote badly-lagging military recruitment to protest the obscene waste of American tax dollars to stage these Blue Angels’ multi-million dollar extravaganzas” - among other “war reissuesssues.”

Conclusively, we on the right are faced with blind rage and raw emotion from those on the left. This has become more than their rhetoric for it has become their mantra. Pure hatred has blinded those with enough cognitive ability to formulate a message. It is with such that we all should feel eternally grateful to Ms. Sheehan, she is illustrative of how Americans should not act, her message has lost any and all decency when she lashes out with selfish indignation. Americans should be united together in any cause after everyone has spoken and a decision was made. We have made that decision, let us move on.

To those on the left, bring us a resolution, bring us a solution, bring us something that could conceivably form a strategy for America's own interest. Do not bring us grief. America knows what war is about, we are not naive. Do not incessantly berate the American populace with the wails of a mother who derides us all at every chance a microphone or camera is thrown before her. For once, keep your perversion outside of our range of senses, this mother is being warped and used for any and every chance that you deem fitting. What happened diagram'sgreeing mother who grieved, but remained united behind her son's fallen comrades?

We on the right mourn the withering away of the former Cindy Sheehan...

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