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Day By Day by Chris Muir.


Keep Up the Great Work

The far-left continues to travel a road that will inevitably lead to the 'ash heap of history' where other irrelevant and unaccomplished ideologies eternally rest.

Protestors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. have sunk to what should be an unfathomable low in their efforts to bring about an end to the Iraq War. These shenanigans are definitively illustrative of what the far-left in this country has become. What has and what is currently transpiring is nothing short of a sickening display of antics and a selfish manipulation of suffering for their own personal cause. These protestors could not conceivably have any valid rational or plausible explanation as to how or why this activity should be continued.

What is to be gained from such blatant disrespect for soldiers of this country and a fervent lack of remorse for their own actions inflicting emotional harm on men and women attempting to recover from wounds suffered in unselfish sacrifice? What is to reasonably gained from such rhetoric as: "Maimed for a Lie" in front of a bustling hospital.....?! At what point is enough truly enough. The average American views such visceral rhetoric and becomes nauseated, yet these individuals remain steadfast in their efforts to win support for their cause all the while they are damning this cause. It is nearly common sensical to someone of reasonable intellect to attenuate that such rhetoric would assuredly push away those that may be willing to listen to their perspective.

However, do not misconstrue any of these aforementioned statements and assume that America should somehow stifle this rhetoric. Undeniably, this display is guaranteed by our constitution's first amendment. All in all, what should be taken from this pathetic display is that any American has a right to freedom of speech, but any American does not have the right to be heard.

What line must be crossed in order for the far-left to state that enough is enough? It would be in their own best interest for their own base to distance themselves from such displays stating all the while what their message truly is and how this is a perversion of that message. Sadly, as we all have grown accustomed to and realized, the far-left embraces such antics. From the escalation of exploiting Cindy Sheehan (and now Reverend Al Sharpton) to Walter Reed Hospital, the far-left continues their trek down the long road of irrelevancy. Cumulatively, it seems as though nothing is beyond the realms of basic human dignity for these individuals. Unfortunately, the arrogance of their own self-righteousness has blinded them of any and all dignity.

And, those in the center and far-right are supposed to be persuaded to follow this ideology from these statements and displays? What is a reasonably prudent person supposed to gather from this message? It is surely not compassion and it is quite disingenuous to assert that genuine peace should be taken away from this hateful message.

[As an individual that personally disagrees with your message, all I have to say is....Keep Up the Great Work! You are doing my job for me. I think these actions will swell my ranks before they work at gravitating any individual toward yours.]

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