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Day By Day by Chris Muir.


Farewell, Chief Justice Rehnquist

Amidst our ongoing struggle with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we should take time to reflect that we have lost one of our greatest justices to ever sit on the Supreme Court. Chief Justice William Rehnquist passed away late last night after a long, hard-fought struggle with thyroid cancer.

Undoubtedly, Chief Justice Rehnquist will be remembered for his extraordinary career and jurisprudential prowess. It will be exceedingly difficult for any person to fill the chair left by our passing Chief Justice.

As Wendy Long discusses in a recent National Review eulogy/editorial:

"The chief instilled a high tone of collegiality and respect at the Court, even in this period when the justices were deeply and bitterly divided over fundamental issues. My former boss, Justice Clarence Thomas, used to remark how wonderful it was that the justices could engage in sharp constitutional debates while still maintaining civility and real friendship, largely because the chief's example reminded them that they were part of an institution of American government much greater than themselves. Chief Justice Rehnquist's ability to set this tone for the deeply divided Court is even more remarkable when contrasted with the incivility that has taken hold in another deeply divided institution across the street — the U.S. Senate."

My personal adoration for Chief Justice Rehnquist stems from something Ms. Long stated more eloquently than I could attempt,

"Chief Justice Rehnquist led the Court back toward a proper respect for the role of the states in our federal system, in the Court's decisions on the 11th Amendment, the Commerce Clause, and habeas corpus. He also helped steer the Court toward a more proper understanding of the Establishment Clause, which was included in the Constitution to protect religion from congressional action not to remove religion from the public square. In 2002, for example, this important restoration of the Constitution led a majority on the Court to uphold Cleveland's school-voucher program, including vouchers for religious schools, thus providing increased educational opportunities for low-income children."

It was Chief Justice Rehnquist's march towards a proper understanding of federalism and what it entailed from a legal perspective that will establish him as one of thpreeminentnt jurist to ever sit on the court. In the coming years we will truly see to what extent hiindeliblele mark will do for our American jurisprudential landscape.
Bush nominates Judge John Roberts to replace Chief Justice Rehnquist......I, for one, have previously express how wary conservatives should be; and I am quitdisappointeded with President Bush on this matterJudgege Roberts has an impeccable resume, but as we have noted to great extent, this resume does not necessarily demonstrate that he will fulfill President Bush's campaign promises to nominate justices of the caliber of Scalia and Thomas. Only time will tell, but as stalwartrt constituent of this president, should I have to 'wait and see' on an issue of this magnitude?
With a spirit of 'compassion' and 'humility,' the far left continues to illustrate why they are slowly embracing their irrelevancy in our modern political forum. 'Right Wing News' has conducted a sleuthing operation, going behind 'enemy' lines, if you will, to uncover commentary from our colleagues on the left side of the aisle. Judge for yourself whether these comments are proper as a nation begins to mourn a great man.

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