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Day By Day by Chris Muir.


Gleaming From Comparisons

More died at the Superdome after the Governor decided on a Pol Pot solution for evacuation of the city, e.g. Starve the city dwellers to force them into the countryside. And of course FEMA's political appointees, and by extension the Administration, failed to step in to address these and other problems, particularly the lack of coordination between the many agencies that were flying blind for the first 48 hours.

As observed by All Things Beautiful from a story appearing in a recent installment of Real Clear Politics; a strikingly inappropriate comparison has been cast into the discourse regarding asserted shortcomings in the leadership surrounding the lead up and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. This analogy deserves nothing more than passing scold, yet it warrants reflection as it is illustrative of the sad state of affairs plaguing our modern political dynamics.

Naivete should not be given the same credence as evil, plainly and simply, just as ineptitude should not be compared with the darkest side of our human nature. What should never cease to amaze us as human beings, is the ability of our fellow human beings to inflict dastardly acts of evil. However, it is all too often that we, in our various strains of discourse, morally equate evil with what should be properly construed as mere ineptitude. Comparing Governor Kathleen Blanco (D-La.) with one of the twentieth century's worst despots does nothing for either side of the aisle. Yet, this is nothing short of pathetic; neither side of the aisle should be a factor for consideration since some events, and some of our concerns should supersede political issues. In these efforts, such political rhetoric and shenanigans deflects the attention from those in dire need. Correspondingly, stark comparisons invoked for political assassination should be scornfully construed in no less a fashion.

When should we begin to gleam, and what is to be learned? It should come well after all that Katrina has wrought has been put in place, when we have aided our fellow Americans in putting together the misplaced pieces of their lives. Just now we are beginning to see the causes that led to the effects in and all surrounding this natural disaster.

Everything wrought by this tragedy has illustrated that big and bigger government does not adequately meet the needs of the Americans it swore to protect. From the federal government's supposed lack of response, which, with everything cited by those from the left indicting President Bush, has done nothing more than highlighted the folly undergirding the tenets of their party's mantra since the days of their hallowed FDR and his New Deal. Furthermore, it is undeniable that the ideals of the Democratic Party have had opportunity to flourish in Louisiana; securing a bastion of liberal 'bliss' for numerous generations. What has been starkly observed these last few weeks is the welfare utopia that was New Orleans was nothing more than a house of cards.

Where are the equations to be ascertained from these stark realities?

With all such said as preface it may be clear as to where I lead, but it must be reverberated that Governor Blanco's clear lack of leadership cannot be morally equated to despotism. It would not do justice to the lives lost under such scourge of this earth, and for the only hope for goodness blossoming from such dastardly acts: a lesson for humanity's future generations. Make no mistake, her actions should be construed as heinous for they bordered, if not spilled over, the realm of criminal negligence. For such, this individual should be held liable. Blatantly, therein lies the fork dividing our road of analysis, for your humble pundit firmly distinguishes between what should be promulgated as culpability and what should be observed as liability. Quite simply, I state her actions clearly lacked the requisite malice aforethought to be morally equated with those in the annals of humanity's worst.

It has been proven time and time again that which socialistic idealism mandates clashes with the tenets that made this country what it is in the world today. It takes such times that we endure to cast the illuminating light onto that which most of us already know: Dependence creates haplessness Yet, liberal idealogues such as Governor Blanco should not be equated with the worst in humanity simply because they are naive and foolish.

Let us learn from such grave hardship that we have endured as a nation. Just as we did on that fateful day, on that warm September morning not such a long time ago...let us come together as a nation, and refrain from the wedges that will tear us asunder. Both Presidents Bush and Clinton, and their predecessors alike ignored the tell-tale signs that could have prevented 9/11's evil accomplishments. Yet, through such, it does not make any one of them guilty of sins warranting callous equations and accusations. Our careless indictments only prevent work that must be done and it clouds our vision to learn the lessons to be gleamed and implemented in the future.

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