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Day By Day by Chris Muir.


Introspective Analysis

On a warm September morning four very short years ago, Americans were left with a broken heart and did not know what lay in store for us as we moved to pick up the pieces and pursue a course of action. Yet, we resoundingly met the challenge with our heads held high. The mending of our broken heart instilled within us all a mysterious unity and it brought us all closer than we had been in quite sometime.

The events unfolding on September 11, 2001, particularly, how we responded to the devastation wreaked by the fanatical barbarians should serve as a template of how we should react to Katrina. It should not even warrant a reminder, but even some of the most optimistic individuals amongst us are beginning to grow tired with some of the rhetoric emanating from partisan idealogues. Fomenting hatred and planting the seeds of unrest when America should be coming together should be the farthest from any human beings mind, yet the discourse as promulgated by those on the left side of the aisle has sunken well beyond what should even be construed as rational. Do not mistake this retort as being naive, for, in any event, and any event of this particular magnitude, mistakes are made. It is a natural part of life that humans are infallible. Though, what is most unfortunate about all of this, cumulatively including the destruction of life and property is the way in which the vitriolic poison is spewed. The burden of proof is insurmountable because this President is painted with such preposterous accusations as he is responsible for Global Warming and the supposed lackluster response to the tragedy. Both are absurd, one for the mental gymnastics one must engage and the unrealistic demand that instantaneous gratification be attained for the other.

What makes the hatred transparent is the honing in on President Bush as the solitary figure conceivably responsible. Other leaders have been intimately involved for quite some time with New Orleans, Louisiana. Where is the culpability for there lack of response to the needs of their constituents? As noted by 'The Right Track' and scores of other pundits, Mayor C. Ray Nagin has been anything but gallant in his response to Hurricane Katrina. With an heir of self-righteousness, he has lashed out with poisonous barbs attempting to shift any and all scornful eyes from his own actions throughout some of the darkest hours of his city's long history. Contrastingly, on that September morning four years ago, the mayor of New York inspired a nation. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani rightfully earned the title 'Mayor of America' and aided America in mending her broken heart. Casting aside any personal political preferences and ideologies, Mayor Giuliani should be enshrined as the quintessential model in political leadership during times of strife.

As in all of life's darkest hours, evaluation of performance should and must be done in order to prevent setting a course with a similar destiny. Let us truly evaluate what we need to do in order to learn and grow as human beings. This is not the time for shenanigans and pageantry, it is not time for transparent bickering and for fomenting one's own selfish hatred. Collectively, this nation is above such petty games, our history clearly demonstrates such. Let us help our fellow Americans and move forward, analyzing all the while what we need to do to preserve, next time, our life, liberty and happiness. Let us have a true measure of introspective analysis, our hearts and minds should be pure and not dwell on political advantage during such infamy.

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