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Day By Day by Chris Muir.


Tyrannical Injustice

Imagine that tonight, in stadiums all over the United States, Major
League Baseball games are disrupted by an invasion of football players, running
by dozens and hundreds out onto the diamonds.
"We want to play, too!" the
game-crashers cry.
"But this is baseball," a pitcher points out. "It's a
totally different game."
"Not fair!" the invaders insist. "We demand that
you let us play! And here, use our ball. Re-line the field. And play by our NFL
"It won't work," says a shortstop. "You can't pitch pigskin."
"Foul!" scream the footballers to ESPN cameras. "Unsportsmanlike! Boycott
The crowd grows restless and bellows their deafening disapproval.
The umps' thumbs are flying: "You're outta the game!" But the helmeted Huns dig
in their cleats.
"These fans are narrow-minded!" they yell. "These umps are
bought and paid for! Where's the justice? What are these ballplayers so afraid
"Football-phobics?" read the morning sports pages, featuring photos of
outraged outfielders, shaking their fists at runningbacks spiking balls at home
Absurd? Maybe ... but a not-dissimilar scenario is unfolding all over
America as increasingly aggressive advocates of homosexual behavior demand
legal, moral and cultural endorsement of same-sex "marriage" and other aspects
of a demanding legal agenda.

An interesting sketch of what has become of our American legal landscape. Though this sounds utterly absurd to most all of my readers, how is this illustration that far-fetched when one genuinely ponders the activities of the ACLU? What really distinguishes thisportrayall from thehijinkss engaged in by the ACLU on an all to frequent basis here in the United States? Why are our 'norms' considered to be so heinous now in the present, damning everything historical? It is perplexing to fully grasp the magnitude of what organizations like the ACLU accomplish yearly here in America. Piece by piece, baby step by baby step, there tyrannical accomplishments erode the very fabric that has made this country what is to the rest of the world. It should be seen that those of us having a conservative/libertarian mindset are not able to fathom changes and any 'diversity' here within America. Do not fall back upon such a naive outlook on our ideological perspective. It is the callous obstruction of our lives, and our being forced to embrace that which we choose not to engage in ourselves that invigorates the aggravation within us. As stated in 'Ogre's Politics and Views,'
That's the ACLU's position when it comes to marriage. They don't like the
rules, so they want to change them. They don't care about the umpires, players,
or even the fans, they just want to have their way, and everyone else be damned.
When it comes to marriage, the ACLU doesn't care about the laws -- the ACLU
tells people to disobey the law. They don't care about the democratic process --
they want their agenda enforced, no matter what the people vote for. And they
don't care about public health -- they ignore any and all medical, physical, and
psychological effects of marriage.

I could not agree more...is this not the basic underpinnings of tyranny?

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