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Day By Day by Chris Muir.



As I was perusing through the various headlines generated over the weekend, something slowly caught my eye as I shuffled through more and more websites. A name leapt from the title page. It was an old friend, and this name leaping from these headlines was none other than everyone's favorite ex-president, Bill Clinton.

Though, I must say, some of the headlines on each and every page, and their accompanying stories had to do with statements of asininity; someone so prolific as President Clinton should engage in such petty, naive talking points. Invoking race and somehow equating race as being the underlying factor of why "mistakes" were made is beyond someone of the position or stature of ex-President Clinton. However, as I began to look back on the "glorious" days that saw Bill Clinton as our Commander-in-Chief, I began to realize that this was not so surprising. What was the one theme, the one mantra that can be taken from the Clinton Administration during the 'Roaring 90s?' Let us just say it resonates well with a line from one of your humble pundit's favorite cinematic works:

"Vanity, definitely my favorite sin."
-John Milton (Al Pacino)"The Devil's Advocate"

Throughout the Roaring 90's, all Clinton was concerned with was making himself as popular as he possibly could. Incontrovertible in that every decision he needed to make, he did not demonstrate leadership, he demonstrated an undying ability to calculate every iota of public opinion on the particular matter. One is naive to politics and history if that person does not distinguish ex-President Clinton from other Presidents in this realm; and, is extremely ignorant of intellectual honesty if they would consider him synonymous to others in how he weighed his precious polling data. For up until that point in American History, nothing had been seen as the likes of 'The War Room' and no President has ever been as poll driven as that president in that administration. One thing that will reverberate throughout the annals of history is his uncanny ability to slither through a scandal with the least amount of shame and incredulously as possible. This will be his legacy and this will be the way he is remembered.

With such, why am I reopening these old subjects? Why am I wasting space in my realm to engage President Clinton's rhetoric? Simply stated, history should always be reviewed in order to learn from such events to prevent those events from returning. Clinton's favorite stratagem was to implement a proactive game plan against those who stood in his way; this, in order to stay ahead of the polling data, to entrench himself within the "will" of the American people. Herein, the statements from Tim Russerts's interview with Clinton illustrate one of two possibilities:
  • He is further solidifying the posturing and triangulation being conducted by his wife, Hillary, for her run for the presidency in 2008. Bill Clinton is making statements that Hillary cannot, but in essence, he is her mouthpiece at this point in time. This, demonstrated by the fact that he has the audacity to state that she need not make any pledge of allegiance to her constituency as she is keeping her eye on her senate seat. Or,
  • Something lurks within his legacy for which he is utterly ashamed, and he knows it will cost him dearly as he perpetually resuscitates that shell of a legacy he has. Namely, my fellow pundits throughout the blogosphere have already began to stipulate, and many times, they clearly outline the failures of the Clinton Administration in the realms of protecting the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Personally, I believe the latter speculation is more than likely what is being engaged here by ex-President Clinton. It was quite a bold move for Clinton to go on a scorched earth offensive against President Bush. This, in light of the fact that President Bush, in good faith, extends the hand of bipartisan collaboration by having Clinton aid his father in the rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Katrina. His poisonous barbs inflaming the racial tensions during these times of national peril show a low move; even for a someone such as Clinton. Nevertheless, his actions should not be taken as purely partisan or simply as some cheap attack on President Bush. Clinton is a clever fellow, and he never makes an uncalculated move. These statements should not be callously brushed aside for they reveal some deeper movement is underway. With such, another line from John Milton should be remembered as the left will seize upon these statements in utter delight.

"Well, consider the source son."

Remember this as "The First Black President" goes on the offensive and his statements are recycled over and over this week. What is the purpose behind these statements, we already know them to be egregiously careless, but what were his motivations?


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