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Day By Day by Chris Muir.


All Under A False Banner

The sheer amount of hypocrisy tolerated throughout America in nothing short of inexplicable. Particularly, with what is to be construed inside our 'mainstream' and outside of the 'mainstream,' the level of tolerance we as citizens are told to endure and sacrifice cannot be reconciled.

I think it is safe to assume the American Civil Liberties Union has relentlessly sought the removal of every morsel of America's Christian heritage from any public forum; under the false pretense that their dogma is somehow constitutional in nature. What would be preposterous to our forefathers at the time they drafted our constitution is now thrust upon us by the ACLU and its progeny. This banner of false pretenses, that there must be a "separation of church and state" is somehow derived out of what is the actual the verbiage, "Congress shall make no law respecting..." is intellectually dishonest and, frankly disingenuous. This false banner has been waved so much in our 'mainstream' that is often misconstrued that this is the actual language of our constitution.

We, as Americans, allow ourselves to be subverted from an enemy from within. These are not the barbarians at the gates, it is our own complacency which is allowing a hollowing of our own heritage to take place as we sit as idle spectators. The subversion of our history is transpiring before us and being replaced by that which groups such as the ACLU wish.

Though God, and any resemblance of our heritage is somehow dastardly according to these groups, the ACLU publicly endorses a moral viewpoint for our children to learn. This, undeniably seen recently in Massachusetts as

[r]reports recently surfaced that Estabrook School mandated that all kindergarteners read "Who's in a Family," a picture book that endorses the controversial topic of gay marriage, and invited gay parents to come into class to talk to the young children about the topic. The story came to light when David and Tonia Parker -- two parents who ironically support gay marriage but do not want their son exposed to the topic -- sought and failed to get their child exempted from the controversial curriculum. Their protests have not only fallen on deaf ears, but the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Massachusetts has intoned that it supports the school's decision to have five-year-olds learn about homosexuality over their parents' objections.
Can this be reconciled? In one instance, our Christian heritage cannot be acknowledged, thus, according to the ACLU, we must endure some form of a hollow existence wherein we deny our history. But, on the other hand, it is completely fine for this school to engage in moral lessons of what children should and should not tolerate. Without a doubt, such advocacy for a lifestyle is a social indoctrination of our children. These arguments may be of a different stripe, but a taking away and replacement of our moral code is transpiring before our own eyes.

What is the rationale behind such? Where do the community standards come into play? Are they too subjective for the ACLU for religion, but not for what should be socially tolerated? The ACLU's mantra mandates that community standards of our Christian heritage shall not be imposed, yet, here, the ACLU specifically advocates for this social experiment in elementary classrooms.

This is yet another blatant example of how the ACLU is not to be construed as a neutral advocate for the liberties of any American. The ACLU is a transparent special interest group taking on cases for its own agenda. Though, Americans are finally beginning to realize what is being waged against them. It is always encouraging to see the victories against the ACLU's agenda. Recently Oboglatory Anecdotes reported,

After that peace and serenity came back to Temple Square and the Main Street Plaza. Of course the ACLU can't have that so they sued to block the sale of the easement. Yesterday the same court of appeals that ruled against the Church handed down aunanimouss ruling supporting the Churches position. The Church, decency, and order prevailed. The ACLU lost. Undoubtedly the ACLU will find other ways to sue, but at least for now there is no more bullhorns, no more verbally abusing new brides. Just peace and serenity, just the way the Church intended.
Americans must seize upon these instances and realize that these are not solitary instances affecting only certain individuals of certain communities. It must be realized that every victory and defeat is but a battle in a war for the moral fiber of America. We must take the good and the bad, and learn from both. We must not sit complacent as our heritage is replaced by another ideology.

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