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Day By Day by Chris Muir.


Et tu, President Bush?

In utter defiance of any abject sense of logic

[a] federal District Court Judge has ruled that the privacy rights of illegal aliens convicted of heinous crimes in this country are more important than the public's right to know if the government is properly enforcing a key immigration law.

It boggles one's mind the mental gymnasticss needed to construe logic with this ruling. It cannot be denied that there are certain inalienable rights that Americans should and must enjoy, yet this onus is delineated from coherent rules of law. It is with such expectations that a dichotomy is exposed, how can a non-citizen in opposition to the rule of law be afforded more protection under these laws than that of a lawful citizen of this nation?

Do not misconstrue the statements herein, for this piece is not meant in the least to advocate on behalf of criminals and any privacy rights they may be construed to have, this piece is meant to cast light on the inexplicable, which was iterated in the accompanying editorial:

How can somebody who is not even a U.S. citizen have rights that outweigh the most fundamental right of every American to know if the government is enforcing the law properly? Criminal records are public documents in every state. Many states publish the names and addresses of sex offenders. But facts about murderers, rapists and thieves who aren't citizens can't be published?[!]

Yet, with how preposterous the aforementioned statements are, what is even more incredible comes from wh endoroses such rationale!

Amazing as the ruling itself may be, what is even more stunning is the fact that U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Judge Richard J. Leon was affirming the Bush administration's position in the case. President Bush nominated Leon in 2001 and the Senate confirmed him in February 2002.

It is no earth-shattering news that the Bush Administration panders to the Latino bloc in a transparent effort to solidify that cross-section of our population for Republicanican efforts. Needless to say, this shallow compromise of basic principles is egregious on separate levels:

First, this pandering undermines the principles of the conservative ideology; for the lengths through which the administration take undercut the thrust that an idea should be enough to draw individuals into the fold. By incessantly pandering through these trivial means, the Bush Administration takes the wind from the sails of any and all progress made by the Republican Party spurred by the efforts of conservatives everywhere.

Next, and in this era of American History, the prominent reasoning illuminating the fallacy of this strategy would be a strong basis for our ongoing national security concerns. As the editorial notes,

There are also concerns that there could be sleeper-cell terrorists among those released who came here in recent years and were subsequently convicted of crimes as they awaited orders to carry out their deadly plans.

With such, any efforts by the Bush Administration to assuage our fears are compromised. Any rhetoric by this Administration now carries a shadow of doubt. No cohesive, cogent statement has been uttered to your humble pundit's knowledge that has been able to plausibly reconcile this careless illegal immigration policy with that of our ever pending national security concerns.

With such grave and blatant political panderings by a leader in our trust, it is demanded that citizens such as you and I, mattering not if we fall to the left or the right, must demand that the rule of law be upheld. The revelations of this editorial reveal something this is afoot beyond that which we previously thought. Not only are there criminals amongst us, these criminal are now being protected by those we should be able to trust.

It is long since time that we Americans should hold these leaders accountable for their abdication of authority. Let us do something before it is too late....

This has been part of the Guard the Borders blogburst. 'GTB' hits Euphoric Reality every Monday, and seeks to promote awareness about the illegal immigration epidemic that our country is facing and the desperate need to curb the problem before it's too late. If you'd like to join the blogburst, send an email to kit.jarrell@gmail.com with your blog's name and URL.

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