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Day By Day by Chris Muir.


Going Once, Going Twice....

An editorial this morning espouses what your humble pundit has been pondering throughout the saga of the Miers nominations. Currently, we are in the middle of a storm; essentially in the eye of a hurricane waiting for the back-end of the storm to rage. Yet, with the second half looming, what has blown passed most in the conservative base and those on the left is this: conservatives are not tearing themselves apart. Some throughout the conservative ranks would have us believe this dissent is causing a rift that will do nothing but split further unless everyone learns to tow the line mandated by President Bush. This could not be further from the truth; and, it is somewhat dangerous that some within the conservative base would feel this way. We are demanding better from our leaders. As Rush Limbaugh's editorial opines,

The Miers nomination shows the strength of the conservative movement. This is no "crackup." It's a crackdown. We conservatives are unified in our objectives. And we are organized to advance them. The purpose of the Miers debate is to ensure that we are doing the very best we can to move the nation in the right direction. And when all is said and done, we will be even
stronger and more focused on our agenda and defeating those who obstruct it, just in time for 2006 and 2008. Lest anyone forget, for several years before the 1980 election, we had knockdown battles within the GOP. The result: Ronald Reagan won two massive landslides.

One would think President Bush would take heed of such stalwart conservatives who have come out questioning the nomination. Furthermore, not all conservatives have emphatically rejected this nominee, we have just expressed legitimate concerns. But, any questioning of this candidate has been deemed completely unreasonable and disturbing by some. Is this the precedent we want to set for ourselves? Formalism over substance? And, instead of reacting in a manner to assuage the fears of those who catapulted him into office, President Bush chooses to disregard these concerns. The mantra of "trust me" uttered since the announcement of the Miers nomination has not resonated well within the conservative base. In such an attitude, President Bush fails to recognize how this comes across to many within his base of supporters. In the least, he fails to recall what Oblogatory Anecdotes reminded us of with President Ronald Reagan's famous utterance of "trust, but verify."

And yet, it seems as though the only strategy this White House wishes to pursue will ultimately result in a substantial battle, if not an all out war. On one front, President Bush seems to be ignoring some within his own base altogether, thus they will continue to incessantly demand knowing more of this nominee or, in the worse case, will begin escalating into demanding a new nominee. Correspondingly, the democrats are salivating with the false assumption that conservatives are cannibalizing themselves as the confirmation hearings loom on the horizon.
This path chosen by President Bush is not altogether surprising. President Bush has been steadfast in defending those around him, and this process proves to be more of the same. As Reganites Unite! reports, President Bush is alienating some within his base in a move that scorns those refusing to follow him blindly.

"For 25 years, Tom Rath has been the Bush family's New Hampshire go-to guy: an affable lawyer, member of the Republican National Committee—and prize catch for any would-be contender in the GOP's next presidential race. It was no surprise, then, that when George W. Bush's political team wanted to send ambitious Republican senators a firm message about Harriet Miers (crude summary: "Lay off her if you ever want our help"), they chose Rath to deliver it. On his own, or through an allied group called Progress for America, Rath last week made the family's view clear to George Allen of Virginia and Sam Brownback of Kansas, likely candidates on scouting missions to the first-in-the-nation primary state...
But the New Hampshire play looked a little forced—and struck some as evidence of a political machine that had lost its bearings, and even its skill, in a whorl of war, hurricanes, scandal, internal strife and second-term ennui. Threatening conservatives is not how Bush rose to power—just the opposite."
President Bush will need to do something more than merely re-launch a campaign in support of Miers. Rarely does such campaign gain traction, particularly when the poor first impression to be polished is so fresh on the minds of those targeted. If things do not start looking brighter for this nominee, then she will more than likely withdraw her name from consideration. What that means is beyond speculation at this point in time, but it all could have been prevented entirely if President Bush had not put himself into this precarious situation to begin with...

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