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Day By Day by Chris Muir.


Governor Roy Moore[?]

"Have we become so ignorant of our nation's history that we have forgotten the reason for the adoption of the Bill of Rights? It was meant to restrict the federal government's power over the states, not to restrict the states from doing what the federal government can do. The time has come to recover the valiant courage of our forefathers, who understood that faith and freedom are inseparable and that they are worth fighting for " Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore

Recently, former Chief Justice Roy Moore announced he will be seeking the gubernatorial nomination for the state of Alabama in the upcoming Republican primary. For many Americans, just the utterance of this man's name causes many to roll their eyes and callously turtheirri attention to other matters. Any defense of this man and his actions of a couple of years ago, wherein his decision to maintain a 10 Commandments monument in the Alabama Judicial Building in Montgomery, AL against the orders of the federal government, is all enough to have anyonchastiseze him for this 'religious zealotry.'

Yet, what this action illustrates and what most of us do not realize is that there is an undercurrent that should be heeded by manpoliticiansns and, specifically, Republicans. This gubernatorial run should be construed as a shot across the bow that many in the Republican Party base are quite ill with the current leadership. Many, in what is construed as the 'mainstream,' ignore this segment of the baselabelingng it as the 'religious right' or any other assorted number of names. This announcement should be eerie reckoning for the Republican 'establishment' since it demonstrates that there are a significant number of their constituents in their base who grow wary of the non-existent progress in matters oimportancece. Whether fair or not, many Republican constituents have grown ill in what seems to be ongoing efforts tassuagege the politically correct idealogues of Washington, D.C. and the MSM, and this permeates down to the state level as well.

Though your humble pundit does not necessarily agree with the actions taken by Chief Justice Moore in disregarding a federal court order. Chief Justice Moore's stance was courageous in the sense that Americans rarely see such convictions for one's own personal beliefs on display; particularly from one so intimate with political and judicial convictions. It should be evaluated from a neutral standpoint pertaining to whether one agreed or disagreed with hiconvictionon for our leaders rarely show such conviction to the point of allowing it to affect their political liability. Personally, Chief Justice Moore would have been more effective in garnering support if he would have simply resigned from office to continue his campaign, yet this argument is moot at this juncture. Chief Justice Moore's convictions in resisting the likes of the ACLU in reaffirming what are our fundamental tents as a nation were awe inspiring.

Thus, this perception is what comes full-circle and will plague the Republican establishment as the this 2006 election cycle looms on the horizon. It is not merely just the 'religious-right' who hold these principles, but many 'mainstream' conservatives and moderates hold some of these principles as their core values. Many Republicans have unfortunatelsignaleded in one way or another that these values are not worth the struggle. Countless instances oinaptitudede or plain cowardice can be gleamed from recently transpired events.

For instance, it could be construed that President Bush's two nominees for the Supreme Court, with their non-existent paper trail and jurisprudential record, could be a sign that President Bush was timid ipromotingng conservative ideals. Many stalwart conservatives have savagely berated these candidates with a great deal of veracity,
There are today third-generation conservatives who have bravely defended their beliefs in hostile law schools, clerked for Supreme Court justices, paid their dues in the White House or the Department of Justice, joined the Federalist Society, advanced by excellence and merit to federal judgeships. The message of the Miers appointment to this generation is: You made a mistake. You left a paper trail. Is this the message we want to send to the next generation: Don't let anybody know where you stand on gay rights, affirmative action, or Roe v. Wade? Is this what the conservatism has come to? By the standard of no paper trail, we would never have nominated Scalia or Bork, or Ronald Reagan, who, with his thousands of radio and TV commentaries, had the longest paper trail in American history.

But, in fairness, it must be highlighted that there are those within the Republican ranks who are not willing to blindly follow this President on such matters,

Senator George Allen, Republican of Virginia, considered a potential presidential candidate, said that "people who I have a great deal of admiration for" had said they were "disappointed or deflated" by the choice. "I want to be assured that she is not going to be another Souter," Mr. Allen said, referring to Justice David H. Souter, a George H. W. Bush appointee who has upheld abortion rights and other liberal precedents. "I understand the president knows her well, but I don't."

With such to ponder, this announcement in the last couple of weeks by Chief Justice Moore will be quite intriguing to see unfold over the course of this election cycle. Will the establishment heed this rising tide of discontent or will they remain idle? If Chief Justice Moore were to appeal to the citizens of Alabama, could this be the signal for an emerging trend?

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