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Day By Day by Chris Muir.


Hypocritical Controversies

It is sometimes unfathomable what is construed as a controversy in the MSM ("Mainstream Media"), particularly when such poisonous darts are lobbed at President Bush. It seems as though with each passing controversy, there is an attempt to out-do the last controversy with a story that is that much more asinine than the preceding mythical wrong committed by this President. Much ado about nothing has been made about this alleged 'staging' of a press conference yesterday. President Bush allegedly 'staged' this press conference with troops in Iraq. This morning Michelle Malkin sheds a little light on the situation and brings us some much needed sanity to this discourse engulfing the news.

I, along with most Americans, grow weary of such 'controversies' being around each and every corner. The way in which this President is incessantly attacked for each and every action in which he is in engaged is nothing short of preposterous. I am not trying to assert that he is somehow devoid of imperfections by any stretch of the imagination nor I suggesting that the press should not investigate matters warranting presentation to the American people, but what your humble pundit asserts is that the MSM's dogmatic goal of smearing this president and his policies do nothing for the betterment of this nation.

Bill Sammon, made an excellent point yesterday on FoxNews' Special Report with Brit Hume,

During the panel segment, Washington Times reporter Bill Sammon, responding to a comment from Morton Kondracke: "You mentioned that this press conference was scripted and the administration has taken a huge hit today about, you know, they scripted this press conference. It's funny, but when that reporter back in December asked Rumsfeld about armor and that question had been planted by the reporter -- I'm sorry, the soldier asked Rumsfeld and the question had been planted by a reporter, I didn't hear any outcry from the press, but now that we're rehearsing it from the Pentagon we're hearing all this talk about it."

Blogs 4 Bush distinguishes this particular instance involving President Bush from what it means in reality for any event to be 'staged.' Needless to say, any public presentation made by any public official, warrants professionalism and foresight for effective management. As B4B states,

The article [AP Story]then proceeds to explain how Bush had certain topics or issues he wanted to ask about, and the soldier who answered the particular question was predetermined....
The word "staged" impliesat least to me something completely scripted... Even the opening paragraph of story used the word "choreographed" to describe the eventwhich is a bit more accurate. Later on in the story, it explains that White House press secretary Scott McClellan said that the troops were expressing their own thoughts. The fact that the AP found this to be something worth writing about says a lot too.

Seemingly, in an all too predictable manner, the MSM fails to appreciate their hypocrisy exposed in these matters. Countless instances involving one of the most transparent, poll-driven president's this nation has seen are leignoredned; and were given a free pass at the time they occurred as PoliPundit reports, yet this president is culpable for some wrong. Instances such as ex-President Clinton's blatantly transparent "cross in the sand on the beach of Normandy" incident are nothing short of laughable, yet these instances are not taken to task with the saveracityity as President Bush is fmerelyrly prepping the troops with questions before he asks them. There are numerous other instances where the media itself is directly involved with staging events in like manners and similar circumstances.

Why is that this President is berated by the MSM for stuff for which they are actually engaged? Dare I say that this is the definition of hypocrisy and a blatant display of their agenda?

As the MSM continues to churn with this non-story, take a moment to read an excellent analogy of this situation provided to us by the Iowa Voice,

Nobody was told how to answer, nobody was told what questions were going to be asked, and THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is what being "staged" is all about: when you already know the questions and the answers advance. As.As for who gets to answer which question, I'm sure they decided who was the most experienced or qualified to answer a specific type of question, so they decided to let that person field the question. It's like if I went to my doctor and he found a tumor. Would I ask HIM the questions, or would I ask the nurse? Would I ask HIM about my treatments, or would I go question the receptionist? Given the fact that he's the doctor, and has the training and the experience, I think I would ask him my questions.

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