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Day By Day by Chris Muir.


Lack of Faith

It is somewhat disturbing to see the two faces of the Mainstream Media ("MSM"). America is supposed to accept their reporting as objective and trust them to report the news important to our daily lives. Unfortunately, as this past week illustrates, the MSM should be held to a higher standard for their actions show, more and more, a pattern of marked by agendas and special interest. Just in the past week, with an air of self-righteousness, the MSM lashed out at President Bush for his alleged staged press conference. As was noted here by your humble pundit, and in countless other sites throughtout the blogosphere, their hypocrisy was exposed.

Yet, when it comes to reporting real news, that real individuals in America would be concerned with, the MSM comes up woefully lacking in any semblance of credence or creditibility. To further this assertion, as Euphoric Reality passes along to us in an utterly tragic story developing out of Florida.

Has anyone in my audience heard this story involving this Florida woman who was maliciously raped by 14 men in Florida?

Would you deem it worthy of natioanl attention if these 14 men were illegal immigrants?

Does the MSM even understand what is transpiring before their own eyes? It should be transparently obvious to any person with an ounce of common sense in seeing the MSM's blatant attempts to promulgate an agenda against President Bush. Last week was filled with glee and an energetic zeal with reports over and over again discussing the Karl Rove non-story and President Bush's alleged staged event. Yet, on the other hand, as Euphoric Reality articulates,

Is the MSM picking up the story yet? Of course not. it doesn't fit their pro-illegals agenda. News flash for the clueless: These people are not 'undocumented workers'. They are, in many cases, criminals. This could have been your daughter. Your sister. Your wife. Your mother. Raped, beaten, and left for dead in the street by a bunch of thugs who aren't even supposed to be here. It was someone's daughter that this happened to.

Should agendas warrant priority over stories such as the one from Florida on issues of monumental concern to this nation? It is time for our partisan bickering to be put aside on matters of this magnitude. This should be an issue both parties could find a mutually beneficial resolution; however, at the expense of the American people, we are subjugated to partisan games as politicans vy for support through pandering to certain segments of our poopulation. America must demand that instances such as those befalling the Florida woman are not going to occur in our streets, neighborhoods and towns.

This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst, which takes place every Monday on Euphoric Reality. The purpose is to keep immigration issues at the forefront and to apply pressure to our elected officials to get the problem fixed. If you’re concerned about the state of our borders, email kit.jarrell at gmail dot com to join.

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