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Day By Day by Chris Muir.


Suicide [Bomber]?

As you may or, may not know, which is the most likely proposition, an Oklahoma Univesity student blew himself up during a home football game last weekend. With tens of thousands of cheering spectators mere yards away inside the stadium, this student blew himself up in what was reported as an apparent suicide. Thankfully, the solitary victim was the individual that detonated the device, and no innocent bystanders were injured from the blast.

What has completely left your humble pundit dumbstruck is the apparent lack of concern being shown by the MSM as more of this story unfolds before our eyes. I, myself, did not learn of this incident until later on during the day, but even so I learned of the story in passing from reading ESPN.com. One would think that this would be an alarming story warranting the MSM to bring it to our national attention. In this time of vigilence in a post-9/11 world, it would be in or all of our own best interest to know of such incidents, whether they be mere suicides or suicide bombers.

Why is that I mention 'suicide bomber?' This is but another aspect of this story that befuddles your himble pundit. If it were left to the MSM, then the average person would have nothing more than to think that this individual was a depressed college student in some tragic story. Yet, what is eerie is the fact that with more information creeping into the blogosphere, what the MSM is ignoring is a downright dangerous prospect. As is being reported by Oblogatory Anecdotes,

"'It appears that HINRICHS ('the bomber') was part of a larger plan that included members of an Islamic terrorist cell based in and around the Norman and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area. As a Caucasian, it was much easier for him to obtain the materials needed to create a large bomb, act in concert with members of the local terrorist cell, and strike when relative calm was the word of the day,' stated this source. SIC"

When pieces begin to fall into their repsective places, the broader picture of what may be at stake becomes that much more clear, again, as Oblogatory Anecdotes reports,

If he didn’t act alone then who are his accomplices. An interview on the local Eyewitness News Channel 5 may yield possible answer. Ashraf Hussein, the president of OU's Muslim Student Association is denying that Hinrichs was even a Muslim and that he never attended the local mosque. This is contrary to eyewitness that place Hinrichs at the mosque. Is Ashraf Hussein trying to cover for Hinrichs? Does He know something? It looks like Ashraf Hussein is someone to be watched.

Michelle Malkin (Hat Tip: Donkey Stomp) has also chronicled his numerous ties to shady groups with questionable interests. His role and imporatnace to any potential terrorist organization would come together with what JunkYardBlog reports. Herein, the proximity of his apartment in correlation with the stadium is discussed,

[I]t's interesting that Hinrichs' apartment lay at one end of a reasonable route to the stadium that also includes the only mosque in Norman. He apparently spent a lot of time at that mosque, according to a NewsOK report. And it's interesting that Gate 6 of Memorial Stadium is on the side of the blast site. It's at that gate that someone tried to enter but fled when security asked to search his backpack. Gate 6 is on the opposite of the stadium from Hinrichs' apartment, so it's not the most obvious gate he would use if suicide were his only motive. If he had a ticket that placed his seat on that side of the stadium, and wanted to get that bomb inside, it makes more sense.

As an American, it is personally gratifying that this information can be readily obtained from our fellow Americans throughout the blogosphere. Piecing together this information from various sources of media has painted a broader picture throughout the week. What is just plain frightening is that the story has not even been given the attention it deserves. If a caucasian was seduced to Islamofascism, then this news is a story America needs to be told. Even if the MSM is not doing there job for whatever number of assorted reasons that can be conjured, it is good to see the blogosphere is keeping track of such actions happening on our own soil.

Thankfully, it seems as though our government is at work as well on this , as Reaganites Unite! reports,

"'The warrant used to execute a search of Oklahoma University bomber Joel 'Henry' Hinrichs III's apartment, where an undetermined amount of explosives were found, has been sealed by a federal court at the request of the Justice Department. Bob Troester, first assistance U.S. attorney in Oklahoma City, said the department requested the warrant be sealed, but declined to elaborate when asked why it was necessary to do so given previous media reports that a depressed Hinrichs acted alone and on a whim. 'You can draw whatever assumption you like," he said. "We don't comment on any sealed indictments.'"

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